July 2011

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    Fun with Hets: Leopard Geckos Teach Genetics 101

    A successful reptile breeder, in addition to knowing the mechanics of breeding and caring for hatchlings, must also understand basic genetics in order to plan and execute reptile pairings. In addition, the only way to make a positive contribution to herpetoculture requires the ability to provide the genetic history of the animal he or she produces. More

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    New Breeder Chronicle: It’s a Girl!

    It’s a girl! Well, maybe. I did incubate the eggs to err on the side of being female so I’m hoping that things work out that way. In either case I am ecstatic to announce to the world that the remaining egg from the first clutch that was laid has hatched after 49 days to reveal the cute little gecko below. More

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    Attack of the Feeder Crickets

    The common house cricket (Acheta domesticus) may soon be a thing of the past. The deadly Cricket Paralysis Virus (aka Acheta domestica densovirus, AdDNV) that decimated the specie in Europe around eight years ago has essentially wiped them out to near extinction here in North America as well. The feeder insect producers have not even had a chance to recover from the devastating financial losses of the mealworm shortage that wreaked havoc on the reptile community in 2008, and we are now faced with yet another feeder crisis. More

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    Three Cage Cleaning Tips

    Cleaning your gecko’s cage can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t always have to be. And believe it or not, geckos usually require minimal cage maintenance as long as you keep it clean and tidy on a regular basis.