December 2011

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    How I Got Rid of Grain Mites

    There is that awful moment for those of us who keep our feeders (meal worms, crickets, superworms, etc.) in gutload grain bedding when we realize that the bedding has been infested with grain mites (Acarus siro). Although the grain mites themselves aren’t particularly harmful to feeders, geckos or humans beyond possibly causing a mild, itchy, allergic reaction, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of without discarding the bedding and, inevitably, the feeders it houses. More

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    Shannon’s “Quickie Interview” with Albey Scholl: the Halloween Mask Trait

    With this issue, Gecko Time introduces a new feature: brief interviews, conducted and produced by Shannon Hiatt. Gecko Time’s previous interviews were published in standard interview form with alternating quotes from the interviewer and the person being interviewed. Shannon, who has already written several interesting articles for Gecko Time, presents this interview as a narrative, combining his very readable style with the content he has acquired through direct contact with his subject. More

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    Taking On a New Unique, Rare and Exciting Species

    What generally sparks my interest in a new species of gecko is its outward appearance, its behaviors, or any other unique characteristics that it may possess. The species I will be writing about is Colopus kochi, and even though I have been working with them for a limited time what fascinates me about them is their ghostly appearance and the characteristic that their eggs go through a very long diapause period, and can take up to two years to incubate. More