April 2013

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    Three to Get Ready: Lygodactylus

    Recently, interest in L. williamsi, the Electric Blue Day Gecko, has skyrocketed due to its eye-catching color, vibrant personality and recent endangered status. In fact, there are 60 Lygodactylus species, a small fraction of which are in captivity. More

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    Gecko Breeder Interview: Nico Pietrzyk

    This month, Gecko Time has had the opportunity to speak with Nico Pietrzyk, a young leopard gecko breeder from Germany. He was good enough to share some information about his leopard gecko activities and the gecko scene in Germany as well. More

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    “Glass or Rack” Comments

    Sometimes discussing a “controversy” reveals that there is just more than one way to do things, as you’ll see from the comments below. Interestingly, several people report using a glass/rack “hybrid” system Enjoy the comments and watch for next month’s Controversy. More

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    Leopard Gecko Morph Special: The Ghost

    The past years have lead to an increased interest in an old, but pretty rare and uncommon leopard gecko morph – the Ghost. Many myths and incorrect information about this morph abound on the internet. As one of the few breeders working with and improving them for years, this article will provide some of Dragoon Gecko’s findings. More