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    How to Become a “Gecko Expert”

    The world of gecko-related information, mostly internet based, is one of questions and answers, arguments and opinions. As people become more familiar with this world, they come to realize that there are those who mostly ask questions and others who mostly answer them. More

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    Leopard Gecko Pro: A Review of Ron Tremper’s New App

    Ron Tremper, who could rightfully be called one of the “fathers” of leopard gecko selective breeding, has recently launched a new app (for iphone and android) called “Leopard Gecko Pro”. This new app is one of a series of leopard gecko morph, gecko care and snake care apps that he has released. I was unable to resist this app and its $9.95 price tag which includes a “lifetime” of free updates in a field that is constantly evolving.

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    Manchester Reptile Show: The Vendors Speak

    There has been a certain amount of unease in the reptile-keeping community about the increasing difficulty of selling reptiles. Many people attribute this to the market being flooded as the number of new breeders grows, the tough economic times or the levelling off of new reptile enthusiasts. Gecko Time decided to find out what’s going on from the vendors themselves at the recent Reptile Expo in Manchester NH on January 29. More

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    How I Got Rid of Grain Mites

    There is that awful moment for those of us who keep our feeders (meal worms, crickets, superworms, etc.) in gutload grain bedding when we realize that the bedding has been infested with grain mites (Acarus siro). Although the grain mites themselves aren’t particularly harmful to feeders, geckos or humans beyond possibly causing a mild, itchy, allergic reaction, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of without discarding the bedding and, inevitably, the feeders it houses. More

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    What’s Up With the Gecko Time Editors?

    It’s generally accepted these days that collaboration is not limited by geography. With all the tools at our disposal, from the internet to skype, people can work together easily while living half a world apart. This is definitely true: Gecko Time has published regularly for two and a half years with seamless communication between its co-editors, one living in Massachusetts and one in Georgia. So how could things change with Matthew Kammerer, owner of the Gecko Time site, moving to Cambridge Massachusetts, just 5 minutes away from his co-editor, Aliza Arzt? Answer: for the better! More

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    Breeding on a Small Scale Revisited

    In April 2009, after breeding leopard geckos for 4 seasons, I wrote an article for Gecko Time about breeding leopard geckos on a small scale. Since its publication, the article has consistently been the second or third most read on the site. Now that I ‘ve been breeding geckos at this level for another 3 seasons, I thought I would update my views and advice since new issues have arisen that I didn’t consider earlier in my breeding experience. More

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    Fun with Hets: Leopard Geckos Teach Genetics 101

    A successful reptile breeder, in addition to knowing the mechanics of breeding and caring for hatchlings, must also understand basic genetics in order to plan and execute reptile pairings. In addition, the only way to make a positive contribution to herpetoculture requires the ability to provide the genetic history of the animal he or she produces. More

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    The Yearly Cycle with Geckos

    Caring for geckos is a skill that can be learned quickly at a basic level, but can deepen over the course of years as the keeper learns more about a species in general and his or her own geckos in particular. More

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