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    Gecko Time Wants to Know: Leopard Geckos

    This is the first in a new monthly series at Gecko Time. Thinking well beyond the basic care issues for popular gecko species, Gecko Time is interested in hearing from established breeders about more advanced topics such as market trends, issues unique to the particular species and long term breeding considerations. Each month, Gecko Time will put three questions to established breeders of a gecko species to get their thoughts on these issues. More

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    Beloved Gecko: Eragon

    The year was 2004. I was a “veteran” leopard gecko owner of one year, and after reading endlessly on gecko forums about breeders’ successes, I decided that I was ready to breed geckos. I also decided to buy my first gecko from a breeder and have it shipped to me. More

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    Scrumptious New Leopard Gecko Morphs Developed!

    The union of GMO (genetically modified organisms) and selective gecko breeding has borne incredible fruit recently! Artist and leopard gecko breeder Ben Bargen has given Gecko Time the scoop on his amazing work pushing the envelope of the leopard gecko morph. Ben has gone beyond the accomplishments of everyone who is line-breeding for deeper and […] More

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    “Gecking” Online: Forum Vs. Facebook

    Ten years ago, gecko hobbyists communicated with each other primarily through gecko-related forums such as Faunaclassifieds, GeckosUnlimited and GeckoForums. Ten years ago, Facebook was used exclusively by college students to keep up with their friends.
    As we enter 2016, the situation has changed drastically. More

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    Gecko Hatchlings with Problems Part 2

    The previous article discussed gecko hatchlings that have problems due to improper husbandry or visible deformities. This article addresses the most puzzling and frustrating type of hatchling problems: hatchlings who don’t thrive for unknown reasons. More

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    Gecko Hatchlings with Problems Part 1

    As easy as it can be to put a male and female gecko together, stick the eggs in the incubator, wait for the hatchlings and raise them to adulthood, inevitably some of the hatchlings have problems. They’re born with deformities, they don’t eat, they don’t grow the way they should. More

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    Recently I got a gecko-related communication from my downstairs neighbor. This is not unusual, since I get frequent requests to come down and remove dead crickets from the lamp fixtures or live ones from under the refrigerator. More

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    A Game of Musical Cages

    Some of us don’t have the luxury of reptile rooms. Some of us share our living space with others who aren’t reptile fanatics.  It can be a challenge to provide appropriate caging for a moderately-sized reptile collection in public living space.  It becomes even more challenging when the number and species of reptile waxes and […] More

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    A Tale of Three Incubators

    A working incubator is a crucial ingredient for a successful reptile breeding season. Eggs do hatch in the enclosure and in appropriately warm parts of the home but generally, the hatch rates are higher when the temperature can be carefully controlled.
    During my 10 years as a gecko breeder, I have used three different incubator models. Here is my story, presented not to give a scientific accounting of each type, but as a narrative explaining my journey to a “perfect” incubator (I chose not to try to build my own incubator for a variety of reasons). More

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    Selling Popular Gecko Species

    In January, Gecko Time published an article titled “Selling Rare Geckos” where we asked breeders of geckos that few people keep in captivity about their success in selling the offspring. Surprisingly to us, the breeders who responded had no problems. This led us to wonder how breeders who produce and sell the more popular geckos species are faring. More

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