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7 Geckos You Have Probably Never Heard of

If you are on this site, chances are you know more than a thing or two about geckos. Even most of the general public knows a few things about the cute little leopard geckos in the pet store or the Geico Gecko, but we are going to provide a list of some of the most exotic and unusual geckos known to humans.

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Beloved Gecko: Dekstest

One day, I went to an exotic reptile expo. There I saw a Crested Gecko. I had never seen one before, and didn’t even know they existed. I thought that the only geckos out there were Leopard Geckos. I was wrong, obviously. Well anyway, I held one and completely fell in love with the species.

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Beloved Gecko: The Amazing Bunnyman

Many years ago, I purchased a Sunglow male leopard gecko from reptile breeder Garrick DeMeyer. I loved this gecko from the first time I saw his picture online, and knew I had to have him. When he arrived, I was ecstatic, as he was just as beautiful as in the picture. He was about 80g when he arrived, and was quite terrified to say the least. I named him Sunny, because of his brilliant yellow orange coloration.

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Notes on Crested Gecko Genetics

The genetics of Crested Geckos (Correlophus ciliatus), in contrast to that of other popular reptile breeding subjects, such as leopard geckos or ball pythons, has not yet been well understood or documented. They appear to exhibit multiple allelism, having multiple phenotypes for the natural selection phenomenon to work on. This may be an advantage to the species as there are many different traits that can be expressed, which lends itself to having more chances of adaptation and survival through generations.

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Beloved Gecko: Scooter

Scooter came to me via my mother, a Massachusetts school teacher. She obtained Scooter to be a classroom pet for her 6th graders. Unfortunately leopard geckos are usually zonked out during the day! (Though I’ve only been to one reptile show, my experience was the poor leopard geckos were not happy campers in the middle of the afternoon). Because she needed to operate on a different schedule, Scooter eventually moved into the house with my family.

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Beloved Gecko: Spider

This is our second installment of our Beloved Gecko series and features a photo and video essay about HJ Rudy’s famous leopard gecko, Spider.

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Beloved Gecko: Eragon

The year was 2004. I was a “veteran” leopard gecko owner of one year, and after reading endlessly on gecko forums about breeders’ successes, I decided that I was ready to breed geckos. I also decided to buy my first gecko from a breeder and have it shipped to me.

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Interview with Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles

Today we interview Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles. Although Brian works prominently with snakes, he has strong passion for all animals. Brian also produces snakebytes.tv, a Youtube show for reptile lovers.

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Sourmash for Mealworms

Breeding mealworms is one of the most popular topics on Youtube and there must be a thousand videos about this subject. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t much help if you are in any way serious about breeding lots and lots of mealworms.

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Scrumptious New Leopard Gecko Morphs Developed!

The union of GMO (genetically modified organisms) and selective gecko breeding has borne incredible fruit recently! Artist and leopard gecko breeder Ben Bargen has given Gecko Time the scoop on his amazing work pushing the envelope of the leopard gecko morph. Ben has gone beyond the accomplishments of everyone who is line-breeding for deeper and […]

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