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    To Pinkie or Not to Pinkie

    I chose to write an article on whether or not it is “OK” to feed pinkie mice to adult leopard geckos. Not only have I had experience with feeding pinkie mice, but I have also contacted herpetoculturist Ron Tremper. Ron Tremper is the former curator of reptiles at the Chaffee Zoological Gardens (Fresno, Ca) and is a world recognized authority on the selective breeding of leopard geckos.

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    7 Must Read Gecko Books

    The holidays are approaching and herp-minded people are searching for gifts for their herp-loving friends. While living gifts are always appreciated, reference books also have a long shelf- life and can be invaluable to reptile keepers at all levels. More

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    My Gecko is Not Eating: Why and How to Fix it

    Failure to eat, or a reduction in eating habits in a gecko is not really a problem in and of itself, but a symptom of either an illness or a natural situation. Since most keepers consider regular feeding to be a sign of good health, it is disconcerting when a gecko doesn’t eat. Most of the time, a gecko does not eat well due to illness, stress or life cycle events. More

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    Blaptica dubia Care & Compared to Other Roaches

    Blaptica dubia is one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to feeding your exotic pets. The babies are the perfect size for any small pet, from baby geckos, baby bearded dragons to just small tarantulas. As adults they are rather big compared to crickets so it takes fewer Blaptica dubia to fill up your pet, which in turn saves you money! Being a slow moving roach they allow pets that are not up for the chase an easy meal, but they also move enough to attract the feistiest of predators. More