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    The Art of Raising Feeder Insects

    Are you considering raising multiple types of feeders? There are a few things you need to think about before trying to make sure you can provide all that the feeders need. Space is incredibly important; certain species will not only need different types of cages but different sizes as well. More

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    Selling Rare Geckos

    An important consideration for prospective gecko breeders is whether they’ll be able to sell the geckos they produce. Gecko Time was curious about how successful breeders of the less common gecko species are in selling their hatchlings since they often require more specialized care than the more commonly available species such as leopard geckos. We started with the assumption that “rare” geckos would be harder to sell since the number of prospective buyers would be lower and presumably the cost of each gecko would be higher. We admit to being quite surprised at the general consensus among breeders of rare geckos as to their success in selling. More