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    Breeder Chronicles: Season Two Begins

    In March of 2011, Gecko Time began publishing monthly articles by Justin Hansen detailing his experiences as a new gecko breeder. Justin has decided to continue his account for a second breeding season and we are happy to have him. Note that we have omitted the “New” from the title, since Justin has successfully completed his “trial by fire” as a new breeder. And now, without further ado . . .


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    My Gecko is Not Eating: Why and How to Fix it

    Failure to eat, or a reduction in eating habits in a gecko is not really a problem in and of itself, but a symptom of either an illness or a natural situation. Since most keepers consider regular feeding to be a sign of good health, it is disconcerting when a gecko doesn’t eat. Most of the time, a gecko does not eat well due to illness, stress or life cycle events. More

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    Care and Feeding of Gecko Hatchlings

    The long wait is over! There, in the incubator (or sometimes in the parent enclosure), is a gecko hatchling! All too often, the new breeder’s next thought is “now what?” Although the question should have been answered long before the first egg was laid, this article can serve as a general guide for how to care for gecko hatchlings and a preview for those considering becoming breeders. More