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    Three to get Ready: Rhacodactylus

    Rhacodactylus geckos have taken a real hit in the past year. Stripped of the Crested and Sarasinorum Geckos (who are now in the genus Correlophus) as well as the Chahouha (now considered to be part of the Mniarogekko genus), what remains are the R. leachianus (discussed in the August 2012 installment of Three to Get Ready), R. auriculatus and R. trachycephalus. More

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    The Evolution of an Accidental Herpetoculturist

    Sometimes an interest is cultivated, groomed and planned like you would a trip to Mars, other times you fall into it like Alice into Wonderland. The story of myself and my “herpies” as I like to call them, is the latter. I was asked to write about how I got into reptiles, the twists and turns so far, and what the future may hold. Though I can’t guarantee it will be interesting, it’s the only story I’ve got so here it goes. More

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    Leachies: the Big Geckos

    It seems that more and more people are falling in love with the gentle giant gecko, known as a “leachie” (Rhacodactylus leachianus). Now, leachianus geckos were never my favorite gecko, as they were always way too expensive for me to purchase for my collection, but lately, I’ve really gotten into these guys. More