May 2012

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    Three to Get Ready: Coleonyx

    Introducing our new monthly Gecko Time feature –Three to Get Ready. Every month, a different herp species will be profiled by three experienced keepers. While a detailed caresheet is always useful, individuals’ personal experiences and their delight in working with a particular species can do even more to convey what it’s really like to care for them. It can also motivate others to take on a new type of gecko.


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    Breeder Chronicles: Incubator Issues

    This has been one of the hardest months that I’ve had as a breeder. I was very excited about having clutches laid early in the season and having 5 in the incubator at one time. Unfortunately I had two eggs hatch very late, after 45 days, and found two very weak geckos with their yolk sacs still attached. More