June 2010

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    Pet-Tech Products Photo Contest: Submissions Open

    We’re pleased to announce a summertime photo contest sponsored by Pet-Tech Products. The Requirements You may submit one photo The photo must be of a gecko You must have taken the photo You are asked to subscribe to Gecko Time updates through Email by clicking here The Awesome Prize The awesome folks at Pet-Tech have […] More

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    The Leopard Gecko Wiki

    The Leopard Gecko Wiki was originally created in August of 2007 to provide a searchable database of accurate Leopard Gecko information for breeders, keepers, and prospective owners of Leopard Geckos. At the time of the creation, I was breeding Leopard Geckos on a full scale and did not see a true one-stop outlet for Leopard Gecko information that covered care, genetics, natural history, health issues, and of course morphs. My goal was to create an environment where any type of Leopard Gecko owner or prospective owner could find information easily. More

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    Help Us Fight Cryptosporidium in Leopard Geckos

    A study is being hosted at The Lehigh Valley Zoo on the effects of a new antiprotozoal drug on Cryptosporidium in Leopard Geckos. “Crypto” has caused massive fear in the gecko community for as long as I have been part of it. This parasite can sneak into your colonies through new additions and take out your whole collection quickly without proper quarantine and a watchful eye. Not only is crypto a risk to your animals but anapsid.org also describes how it is a health risk to keepers. More

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    New Hemidactylus Species

    It is always interesting to hear about new gecko species in the news. The latest species comes from the rain forests of Africa. This Hemidactylus was actually actually determined to be four different species. These geckos were isolated over time by forests thinning and separating the species. The Hemidactylus was then expected to have adapted over time and evolve into the four new species described. More