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The Leopard Gecko Wiki was originally created in August of 2007 to provide a searchable database of accurate Leopard Gecko information for breeders, keepers, and prospective owners of Leopard Geckos.  At the time of the creation, I was breeding Leopard Geckos on a full scale and did not see a true one-stop outlet for Leopard Gecko information that covered care, genetics, natural history, health issues, and of course morphs.  My goal was to create an environment where any type of Leopard Gecko owner or prospective owner could find information easily.  After using Wikipedia for a while, the idea came to me to create a Wikipedia entry solely for Leopard Gecko information.

Just like Wikipedia, information can be added to the Leopard Gecko Wiki by registered members and is encouraged.  It allows for the Wiki to grow with the rapidly changing Leopard Gecko Community.  As new morphs come out, breeders can add them to the Leopard Gecko Wiki.  As different incubation methods arise, they can be added to the Wiki.  Again, the goal is to have the most accurate and up to date information.  Allowing community interaction helps greatly to achieve that goal.

Leopard Gecko Wiki

The Leopard Gecko Wiki Today

Currently the Leopard Gecko Wiki boasts 110 articles relating to Leopard Gecko care, natural history, genetics, health, and morphs.  The majority of the articles also include pictures to help visualize what the article offers.  It contains nearly 1,000 images supplied by various breeders and owners in the Leopard Gecko Community.

Since its inception in August of 2007 the Leopard Gecko Wiki receives over 200 unique visitors looking for or to add Leopard Gecko information to the site from all over the world.  Some of the most popular pages include: Enigma, Mack Snow, Tremper Albino, Dreamsicle, and Black Hole.

Recently the Leopard Gecko Wiki has made a few upgrades and changes.  There has been a calendar added to the Wiki.  Everyone is encouraged to add their local reptile shows and events to the calendar.

The latest feature that has been added is designed for our interenational users.  It is the Google Translator.  On the Leopard Gecko Wiki it can be seen on the left side of the page above the Site Sponsors.  It allows the Leopard Gecko Wiki to be translated into 56 different languages.  This will help encourage international breeders and Leopard Gecko owners to use the Leopard Gecko Wiki.

Adding to the Wiki

The Leopard Gecko Wiki is always open to change and new information.  As Leopard Gecko owners and breeders, anyone has the opportunity to contribute information and pictures to the Leopard Gecko Wiki.  It is as simple as signing up.  Currently there is a running list of articles need and images needed.  As well as a page of “How To’s” for the Leopard Gecko Wiki for all the new and experienced users.

In addition to the Leopard Gecko Wiki, there have been thoughts of creating Wikis for other species of geckos and potentially expanding it to other reptiles and amphibians.

The current direction of the Leopard Gecko Wiki is growth.  The Wiki is looking to add more articles and even more pictures to the current pages.  The more information and pictures on the Wiki will allow for an even better resource for everyone in the Leopard Gecko Community.  The Leopard Gecko Wiki is a valuable resource that is constantly growing with the rapid changes in the Leopard Gecko Community.

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Written by Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is the owner and founder of the Leopard Gecko Wiki. His Leopard Gecko experience includes 14 years of owning and one season of breeding Leopard Geckos. In his season of breeding he ran MK Geckos. MK Geckos produced 59 hatchlings which included a RAPTOR, a Mack Snow Tremper Albino, a Super Snow, Mack Snows, and Jungle Tremper Albinos. Currently Kyle still owns the original two Leopard Geckos which started his passion 14 years ago!

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