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    The Gecko Who Wouldn’t Quit

    As a small scale breeder, I count on the winter months to provide some much needed down-time from producing and caring for baby geckos.  Usually my last baby hatches some time in October (I breed leopard geckos, African fat tail geckos, gargoyle geckos and Coleonyx).  The first eggs tend to appear in February and the […] More

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    Three to Get Ready: Coleonyx

    Introducing our new monthly Gecko Time feature –Three to Get Ready. Every month, a different herp species will be profiled by three experienced keepers. While a detailed caresheet is always useful, individuals’ personal experiences and their delight in working with a particular species can do even more to convey what it’s really like to care for them. It can also motivate others to take on a new type of gecko.


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    Happy Independence Day! Geckos Native to the U.S.

    To celebrate US Independence Day, Gecko Time presents some information about geckos which are native to mainland United States. This does not include geckos which have been introduced from other locales. There are three genera native to the United States, two of which contain a single species and one which includes at least four species. More