Before I get to the exciting news I’ll do a little bookkeeping like I usually do at the beginning of each article. My current money flow is the same which is to be expected. I’m down $618.73 but I haven’t had to buy any feeders at all and have what seems to be a self sufficient mealworm colony. The weights of my breeders are as follows:

My main concern regarding body weight is Dot. She wasn’t really eating for a little while unless I dropped them in front of her and even then would only eat one to three at a time. However, the last two feedings have resulted in almost clean plates when I came back so hopefully we can get her up with the rest of the family. As you’ll learn later she is going to be important to my breeding plan so I need her to be healthy.

Good News

The big news… I have finally had a successful mating and I am so excited about it. Slocum, my Temper Patternless, and The Dude, my Sunglow het Raptor performed the act at 12:15 a.m. on the ninth of May about a half hour before I finished writing this article. Hopefully they produce some really bright and healthy geckos. I can only hope the Shiny follows suit after fighting him off every time.

Morph Plans

While that’s good news and certainly a relief I have also been trying to figure out which morph I want to focus on. I have dubbed it my two year plan. I figure that during my first season I will settle back into a groove and work the kinks out in my current setup and sales plan. Then in my second year I should be producing at least one morph that I consider high end. My choice for my “feature” morph is the Snowglow.

I don’t see them everywhere and they are really beautiful. I will breed my Mack Snow Eclipse to my Sunglow het Raptor and breed back the 50% that are Mack Snow het Tremper Albino to each other for a 25% chance of creating a Snowglow. What also excites me about this combo is the possibility of getting a Sunglow RAPTOR because of the addition of the Eclipse gene in both of the parents. That would be a real treat.

I would also like to expand into Bell Albinos and create some Bell Snowglows in addition the Tremper variety. I still have my gift card to that I won in the auction so I am checking what he has there that can expand my line.

I’d just like to thank the Leopard Gecko Wiki ( It has made it much easier to understand all the new morph combinations. I’d also like the thank this Leopard Gecko Morph Calculator (; it has also been invaluable in learning the genetic combinations that are available. As always please comment, ask questions or even offer advice. I look forward to seeing what you have to say!

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Justin Hansen's first reptile, an African Fat Tailed Gecko, sparked an interest that ended up consuming a dorm room in New York City and almost getting him expelled. Now that he has the space he is renewing his passion for breeding geckos. Currently focusing on Leopard Geckos he hopes to be able to branch out to other gecko species. He will be found at once he has a spare moment to finish the site.

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