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Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Gargoyle Gecko, Part 2

This is the second article in this series. The first article is here. Vivarium Construction Enclosure and Hardscape It is important when creating a naturalistic enclosure to provide adequate space.  Your plants grow fuller when given more room, and a larger substrate area absorbs waste faster. I selected an Exo Terra Small Tall enclosure (18”x18”x24”) […]

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Holistic Design in Bioactive Vivariums: Gargoyle Geckos, Part 1

Advanced reptile keeping has turned to naturalistic enclosures to improve quality of life for captive animals, and keepers have naturally expanded to bioactive techniques to keep non-sterile setups healthy. As mainstream awareness rises, more new reptile keepers are curious about making enclosures for their pets.

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Gecko Time 10th Anniversary!

Gecko Time online magazine published its first articleon March 7, 2009. During the past 10 years, Gecko Time has been an important resource to the gecko community with the wide range of articles it has published. Articles have included interviews, DIY instructions, product reviews, species and genus profiles, genetics information as well as many other topics.
Ten years is a long time, and is more than half a lifetime for some of our younger gecko keepers.

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Interview with Zach Brink of Josh’s Frogs

Gecko Time recently had an opportunity to interview Zach Brink, the Fauna Curator of Josh’s Frogs

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Big Bad Bart

Bart seems to think he’s a flying gecko.  Or perhaps he thinks he’s an impresario.  In a household of 65 or more reptiles, most of them geckos, it takes a large “personality” to stand out, and Bart certainly does.  Every evening, the loudest sounds in the gecko room, also known as my living room, are the thumps of Bart jumping from one glass wall to another and sometimes crashing and burning in a spectacular way on the pothos leaves when he miscalculates.

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Healing through Art and Reptiles

It often goes without saying, but I had a rough childhood. Regardless, two things kept me going
through it all; art and animals. As a result, my passion for art and the animals in my life have always been intertwined and fed off one another. It all started in my youth with a fascination for dragons.

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Crested Gecko Breeding Revisited

Let’s talk a little about Crested Gecko breeding. Many new breeders or hobbyists in the Crested Gecko world will simply put any male and female together, just hoping to produce babies. There’s no rhyme or reason to the pairings and the results are generally a mix of whatever morphs are being paired.

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Improvements on a Tub

Tub or viv? It’s one of the questions that comes up time and time again in the reptile hobby.  It’s a question that polarizes some keepers and most people will have an opinion or preference one way or the other.  Indeed, Gecko Time has previously covered the topic as part of the Pros and Controversies series, with readers on both sides of the fence. 

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Banded Gecko Oddysey

I first saw the banded gecko in a book my parents got for me as a gift from Phoenix, AZ. The book was called 50 common Reptiles & Amphibians of the Southwest and it showed the desert banded gecko. Fast forward another 3 years and we went to Arizona for vacation, where I got to see the desert banded gecko at the Phoenix Zoo. I fell in love after that moment, from that moment on till this day I’ve researched about this species hoping to buy some in the future.

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Frog Eyed Gecko Care Sheet

As someone who has several Frog-Eyed geckos and is an avid reptile enthusiast, I find the extreme lack of information about this species to be very upsetting. Most of the “care sheets,“ and I use that term loosely, that I have found through my hours upon hours of searching are at their core a revised leopard gecko care sheet.

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