for the gecko enthusiast in YOU!

for the gecko enthusiast in YOU!

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    Gecko Pairs: Similar and Different

    Geckos come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Despite this variety, there are gecko species that seem to be very like each other, yet have evolved in different parts of the world. Novice keepers, noticing the physical similarities between these gecko pairs are often tempted to keep them in the same enclosure, which is usually a bad idea since geckos that have evolved in different parts of the world have different needs.


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    Automated Reptile Misting System

    Automation of daily maintenance is one of the best decisions that I have ever made regarding time management. Providing for geckos that need high humidity, “rain”, or lots of water can be a real chore when you have to fill up your misting bottles daily and spend large amounts of time in front of the enclosure misting away. More

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    Leachies: the Big Geckos

    It seems that more and more people are falling in love with the gentle giant gecko, known as a “leachie” (Rhacodactylus leachianus). Now, leachianus geckos were never my favorite gecko, as they were always way too expensive for me to purchase for my collection, but lately, I’ve really gotten into these guys. More

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    Healing the Sick: A Leo’s Story

    As a leopard gecko breeder and an animal lover, one of the things that I do all the time is scan Craigslist’s pets ads for gecko posts. More often than not, I find breeders selling babies, which is all well and good by me. But every once and a while, I find that someone is trying to get rid of a sick gecko, and when I find that, I always offer myself up as a rescue. More

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    Breeder Basics: Reptile Rack Systems

    Whether you are a hobbyist or breeder, there comes a time when you consider purchasing a reptile rack system to house the growing number of animals in your collection. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of three of the more popular reptile rack systems on the market. We will also touch on the option of building your own rack system to suit your individual needs and budget.


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    The Scoop on Poop

    I’ve at times wondered why we are so obsessed with gecko poop. They poop too much, they don’t poop enough, it’s stinky poop, it’s runny poop, it’s hard poop, babies poop more often than adults, is this poop? Then we have to clean up the poop. We even go as far, on occasion, to pick apart the poop. More

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    Lygodactylus williamsi

    More and more hobbyists today are keeping or thinking of keeping Lygodactylus geckos in their home.

    Lygodactylus is a genus of geckos with 60 species and 34 sub-species. Lygodactylus rarely exceed 4 inches. Due to this they are commonly referred to as Dwarf Geckos or Dwarf Day Geckos based on their diurnal nature. More

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