Please be warned: some of these photos are graphic and may offend some people. If you feel like this may not be the right post for you please go back to the homepage and check out some of our other blog posts. None of these photos are photoshopped to the best of our knowledge!

Geckos are bred in huge numbers in captivity. Breeding in high numbers in any animal will create genetic oddities. This post showcases shocking, amazing, and some scary gecko mutations that we’ve found across the web.


Two Headed Nephrurus amyae

two headed amyae gecko

Twin Leopard Geckos Hatching From the Same Egg

twin leopard geckos from the same egg

Double Headed Day Gecko


Leopard Gecko with Two Feet on One Leg

double footed leopard gecko

Conjoined Twin Crested Geckos

Photo by Graham S.

Dwarf Leopard Gecko

Photos courtesy of HJ Rudy
Dwarf Leopard Gecko baby

dwarf leopard gecko

Leopard Gecko Siamese Twins

siamese leopard gecko twins

Twin Gargoyle Geckos Hatching

gargoyle gecko twins in egg

Australian Velvet Gecko With No Front Legs

Photo courtesy of Clint Hill
velvet gecko with no front legs

Leopard Gecko with Two Jaws

double jaw leopard gecko

Leopard Gecko with Two Tails from Regeneration

split regenerated tail leopard gecko

Conjoined Crested Gecko Twins

crested gecko conjoined twins

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