Gecko Time is pleased to present the gecko community with a brand new photo contest. The Cutest Gecko Photo Contest, sponsored by ReptiPro Incubators is a photo contest that is open to all gecko hatchling and juvie photos!

The Requirements

Here are the requirements for the photo contest:

  • You may submit one photo
  • You must have taken the photo
  • The photo must be of a gecko hatching, hatchling, or juvie
  • You are asked to subscribe to Gecko Time updates through RSS or Email here


What can you win?

For this photo contest we are proud to have ReptiPro as our sponsor. The winner of the photo contest will receive a ReptiPro 5000 – Reptile Egg Incubator! This incubator is amazing, perfect for a gecko breeder in every way. The ReptiPro 5000 has heating and cooling capability so it will keep your eggs at the exact temperature you desire no matter what the surrounding temperature is. It also holds humidity very well and has increased our overall hatch rates by 25%. Read more about this incubator on

Submit your photo

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Submissions will be open from September 22nd to October 2nd. Voting will begin on October 7th and close October 21st 12PM eastern time.

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