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Viper geckos have gained popularity lately and for a very good reason. This species is easy to keep and is quite rewarding. Viper geckos only grow 3.5 inches ad females can lay 10 to 20 clutches a season!

Gecko Time asked several breeders and keepers of viper geckos one question: What makes viper geckos special to you and why do you enjoy keeping them? They replied with the following:

Hannah Martin of Greyscale Geckos:

Viper geckos were my first small species of gecko to own, and I certainly will never regret purchasing them. They are so docile and that has led me to joke that viper geckos are simply leopard geckos crammed into a small package. I honestly can’t say enough about their tame personalities and interesting looks. I believe this species has a lot of potential to become a favorite in the gecko community!

Teri of A-1 Reptiles:

The things that I like most about the Viper Gecko specie is the unique patterns down their backs. Their size being one of the smallest gecko specie they are easily housed, eat very little and are a great beginner specie as they breed very easily and go from baby to breeder in eight months.

Jeff of JMG Reptiles:

We have been working with viper geckos for over eight years now and they are one of our favorite small terrestrial geckos to work with. Viper geckos are great for people who want a small gecko for a pet or for somebody who is looking to start a breeding project with a really cool animal. Male viper geckos are not territorial so you can keep as many adult male viper geckos together as you want. One of our favorite things about the viper geckos is there disposition, they are calm and are on one of the few small terrestrial geckos you can handle with out worrying about them running off. They are also easy to keep and breed, females can lay 20 clutches a year and the baby’s are hardy for a small gecko.

Like viper geckos?

Can’t get enough of these cute little geckos? Do not worry, you are not alone. We’ve gathered together some more information for you.

Viper Gecko Care Sheets: HC Network’s viper care sheet, Supreme Gecko’s viper care sheet, and The Lizard Wizard’s viper care sheet.

Viper Gecko Breeders: each person we’ve interviewed breeds viper geckos and may have them available at any time.

Talk to us!

Why do you like viper geckos? Know another care sheet or breeder? Tell us all in your comment below!

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