Gecko Time Updates: 2021 and beyond

I wanted to take a minute to update you all on the recent changes here at Gecko Time and what we’ve got planned for the future. I’m sure by now you’ve all become accustomed to browsing the new layout and format. We’ve given the site a full face-lift including a new server, logo, and theme! It’s hard to believe Gecko Time will have been online for 12 years this year. Hopefully things are a bit more modern feeling, easy-to-read, and quick-to-load!

I was thinking of hosting a contest to name our mascot up above. (He’s pointing to his watch, btw!) We’ll have to take name suggestions and then put it up for a vote. I’ll spring for a $100 gift card to Pangea Reptile for the winner. Look for that contest announcement in your email in the next couple weeks. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!

This year you’re going to start seeing a lot more activity around here. There’s a lot of articles we have planned and a lot of things and people we want to introduce you all to. It’s all very exciting! We’re also going to return to co-hosting monthly photo contests with our friends over at Gecko Forums. I’m hoping we can get those going in the coming weeks also. 

As always if you have any issues, be sure to drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get you set up.

Leave a comment below. What would you like to see us write about next? Do you have a gecko project that you’d like to be interviewed for?

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Written by Joshua Barraza

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  1. Hi I am loving the new look and site content.

    How about an article on the natural history of geckos?

    Keep up the great work.

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