11 Forums for Gecko Lovers

The internet is a valuable source of information about many related herp subjects, from care and husbandry to available reptiles.  For many gecko enthusiasts, the reptile-specific forums and chats have become quite addictive.  What follows are ten of the most popular and active gecko forums that exist today on the internet.  Register and enjoy!

1. Gecko Forums
Gecko Forums has a main section for just Leopard Geckos broken down into many subcategories, but also has smaller areas for just about every common gecko out there.

2. The Pangea Forums
The Pangea Forums mostly touches base on Crested Geckos, but also touches base on other gecko types. This would be a good forum to visit, as it also provides many products for Crestie lovers.

3. Ciliatus Forums
Cilatus Forums is another forum devoted mainly to Crested Geckos, again touching on other species of geckos. Ciliatus’s home page has many articles for all geckos, and a link to the owner’s site AC Reptiles.

4. Geckos Unlimited
Geckos Unlimited is centered around all the most popular geckos out there. They have many other great additions, like a huge marketplace, care sheets, and DIY sections.

5. Kingsnake’s Herpforum
Kingsnake’s Herpforum is a massive forum with many different topics. Although it is not set up like most forums, it has many great resources. As you may also know, Kingsnake is one of the biggest gecko marketplaces.

6. Fauna Classifieds
Fauna Classifieds is a gecko forum mainly based around their classifieds system. There are also many other great sections with a lot of users.

7. Repashy Reptiles Forums
Repashy’s forum is centered around geckos from the genus ‘Rhacodactylus’, which includes geckos like Cresties and Gargoyles.

8. Herp Center – Reptile Forums
Herp Center’s Reptile Forums has 5 major sections of Amphibians, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, and Crocodilian with many subsections.

9. Reptic Zone’s Reptile and Amphibian Forum
Reptic Zone’s forum has many categories similar to Herp Center’s with some added miscellaneous sections.

10. The Reptile Rooms
The Reptile Rooms has categories once again similar to that of Herp Center, but in a more common forum setup. Also they have sections devoted to specific regions of the world.

11. Reptile Culture

Reptile Culture is a new up and coming reptile community that really stands out from the crowd! From a bidding market place to a laid back discussion forum experience, it is a forum that all gecko lovers should check out.

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Written by Sam

Sam Sullivan is a young man with a drive for geckos and the web. He currently runs Gecko Info, a succesful care related site for geckos. He also freelances for gecko owners and others.


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