Interview with Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles

Gecko Time has been fortunate to obtain the services of a member of the next generation of herpers. Please welcome Skee Dinski who will be writing for us periodically.

Today we interview Brian Barczyk of BHB Reptiles. Although Brian works prominently with snakes, he has strong passion for all animals. Brian also produces, a Youtube show for reptile lovers.

What species of geckos do you work with? What morphs?

At this time I’m only working with Leopard geckos. In the past I have worked with Crested geckos, Day Geckos, Paroedura and Gargoyle Geckos. But I have simplified my collection because of my busy travel schedule these days.

Why are you drawn to geckos and working with geckos?

I worked in a pet shop when I was 15 and worked the reptile section. That’s where I was introduced to leopard geckos and day geckos. I have always been fascinated with them ever since.

What is your favorite species of gecko and why?

It’s almost impossible for me to pick my favorite. I really am in love with so many of them. Leopards are just so fun and easy to work with, but I have always loved the Leachies. I’m also a HUGE fan of the knob tails, but with that said I have always wanted to work with leaf tails as well.. Heck, I love them all and can’t really choose.

How do you feel about the future of keeping geckos? What direction do you think we should be going in?

As the technology and the knowledge grows about how to successfully keep and breed so many species of geckos I think they will become more and more popular as pets to the mainstream. I oftentimes think that “reptile keepers” forget that the major market for reptiles as pets are with people that just want one or two animals, not a room full. So I think the easy to keep and breed animals will become more and more sought after as pets, but the rarer animals like knobtails and leachies will become more common for us collectors. I think the future is bright and I want to be a part of the continued growth.

What do you think of the new Lemon Frost leopard gecko?

I think it’s a stunning animal and will bring a whole new color pallet to all the paint jobs now. Think what a Lemon frost White and Yellow will look like, or a Bold Bell Lemon Frost. It’s exciting to have something so new on the market and I’ll be following the progress closely!

What species of gecko do you think is growing in popularity the most?

I still think Leopard geckos will be the most popular gecko overall just because they appeal to the masses and are great pets. But I think there’s lots of room for growth in the more challenging geckos like the leachies and leaf tails. In the end I think geckos as a whole will continue to grow in popularity as the continued success of husbandry and captive breeding increases. We have to make it easy and simple for people to care for each species so that the animal has what is needs and the keeper enjoys the experience.

Thank-you Brian for answering our questions. Please check out Brian Barczyk’s website  or take a look at his Youtube series

What do you think?

Written by Skee Dinski

Skee Dinski is a middle school student in Michigan. He enjoys sharing his love of reptiles with other people. He currently owns 2 leopard geckos and a gargoyle gecko in addition to a myriad of other pets.

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