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for the gecko enthusiast in YOU!

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    Keeping Microgecko persicus euphorbiacola

    In 1999 during one of my frequent visits to the East Bay Vivarium in Berkeley, Ca., I came across a group of geckos labelled as wild-caught Tropiocolotes persicus for $12 each. I bought a group of 6 after being told that they like it around 100ºF plus and dry. Needless to say, I eventually lost three of them to faulty husbandry information and lack of personal experience. After having discussions with other gecko keepers, I realized my errors in their care. More

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    A Tale of Three Incubators

    A working incubator is a crucial ingredient for a successful reptile breeding season. Eggs do hatch in the enclosure and in appropriately warm parts of the home but generally, the hatch rates are higher when the temperature can be carefully controlled.
    During my 10 years as a gecko breeder, I have used three different incubator models. Here is my story, presented not to give a scientific accounting of each type, but as a narrative explaining my journey to a “perfect” incubator (I chose not to try to build my own incubator for a variety of reasons). More

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    Breaking: Lizard found on Mars

    We’ve been following news closely from NASA this morning about an unexpected discovery from the Mars Curiosity Rover. Before this morning only blurry pictures had been captured, so we hesitated to report any news. Now, we’ve seen the first clear picture. We can finally say it. We’re not alone. There is life in our universe. […] More

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    Eyelid Dysecdysis in Leopard Geckos

    I have never had a gecko as a pet. And that is an important fact in my suggestions for their care. My perspective is as if I am a space alien looking down on Earth from Mars and telling us we need to clean up our atmosphere. I do see hundreds of geckos each year with multiple kinds of veterinary problems. I have been treating geckoes for more than twenty-five years and my care suggestions spring from two generalized observations. More

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    Selling Popular Gecko Species

    In January, Gecko Time published an article titled “Selling Rare Geckos” where we asked breeders of geckos that few people keep in captivity about their success in selling the offspring. Surprisingly to us, the breeders who responded had no problems. This led us to wonder how breeders who produce and sell the more popular geckos species are faring. More

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    Biology of Breeding: Considerations for Maximizing Genetic Diversity of Breeding Groups

    When a person joins the hobby of reptile keeping and makes the decision to breed animals of any species, they silently make the acknowledgement that they are going to be playing god with the species they choose to reproduce. Not only accelerating evolution through artificial selection, but also picking and choosing which ecological and evolutionary forces, or lack thereof affect their breeding populations. More

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    Two Decades as a Gecko Breeder

    There is plenty of information available today about how to keep and breed geckos.  With forums, articles, books, radio programs, social networking, and online resources, just about anybody can become a gecko keeper or even a breeder.  Whether you are inclined to be a hobbyist, serious collector, or aspire to become a legitimate business, it […] More

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    Selling Rare Geckos

    An important consideration for prospective gecko breeders is whether they’ll be able to sell the geckos they produce. Gecko Time was curious about how successful breeders of the less common gecko species are in selling their hatchlings since they often require more specialized care than the more commonly available species such as leopard geckos. We started with the assumption that “rare” geckos would be harder to sell since the number of prospective buyers would be lower and presumably the cost of each gecko would be higher. We admit to being quite surprised at the general consensus among breeders of rare geckos as to their success in selling. More

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